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27 Jan How Healthy is Your Back? Schedule a Chiropractic Visit to Find Out!

Back health is directly related to overall health.  Postural and spinal analysis can uncover underlying vertebral dysfunction that can alter many important bodily functions by affecting the nervous system and causing a skeletal imbalance. All of these conditions can cause pain or lower resistance to...

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12 Dec Top Ways to Get Better Back Health in 2020

2020 is around the corner and it’s time to set some goals for better back health. Many patients think major changes need to happen to have better back health. However, it only takes small changes throughout your day to be healthier and have less back...

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12 Sep How to Treat Age-Related Back Pain

Most people experience back pain at some point in their lives, but once you reach age 50, your risk goes up. Aging Awareness Day is September 18, so now is a good time to discuss age-related back pain and what you can do about it. Why...

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30 Jul Common Back Problems We Help Heal

Back pain is one of the most common health complaints in America. In fact, about 80 percent of adults experience back pain at least once in their lives, and more than 25 percent of people report having back problems in the last three months. This...

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18 Jun 6 Therapies and Tips for Scoliosis Treatment

To help increase education, early detection, and awareness of scoliosis, June has been declared National Scoliosis Awareness Month in the United States. If you have mild to moderate scoliosis, it may be possible to restore a straight spine with conservative methods. Here are six scoliosis...

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