5 Reasons You Should Focus on Your Posture After a Car Accident


11 Mar 5 Reasons You Should Focus on Your Posture After a Car Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, make an appointment to come see Mile High Spine & Pain Center as soon as possible. Good posture involves more than just sitting up straight, especially after being involved in a car accident. Having good posture helps keep everything aligned, which decreases pain and muscle fatigue. 

After the Accident

When you’ve been in a car accident, the sooner you can get medical attention the better. Depending on how severe your injuries are from the accident, we will conduct an assessment that may include

  • A physical exam to look for bruising or other internal injuries 
  • X-rays to show fractures and breaks that might have occurred 
  • Taking blood pressure and other vitals 
  • Testing the spine and neck for soreness, stiffness, and limited range of movement 

Seeking medical help quickly after your accident can help you get healthier more quickly, and it can also provide you with more proof for your insurance company. Here at Mile High Spine & Pain Center, we will record damages done to your spine and other muscles during the accident. If the other party involved in the wreck is at fault, you could have all of your expenses covered by their insurance. If you wait too long to record an injury, it could be harder to prove it was at fault of the accident. 

In addition to helping with insurance claims, you will speed up the recovery process. Here are the top five reasons to focus on your posture and spine after an accident. 

1.You’ll make sure your spine heals correctly 

If a car accident injures your spine and you don’t take the steps to get proper healing, your spine could heal incorrectly. If your spine tries to heal itself when it’s not in correct alignment, it can cause even more pain and trouble in the long run. Chiropractic adjustments after a car accident help make sure the spine is in alignment to promote quick and efficient healing. 

2.Preserve posture by massage therapy while it’s healing 

Along with adjustments, massage therapy can also help your posture while you’re healing from an injury. After injury, scar tissue can develop. Using massage along with other therapies, you can reduce scar tissue build up – but only if you act quickly after an accident. Trying to treat scarring in tissue after years have gone by won’t do as much for your spinal and muscle health as it would in the weeks following the accident. 

3.Restore mobility faster 

When you use chiropractic care to increase range of motion in your spine, you’re helping to reduce inflammation in your body. If inflammation is bad enough, it can give you limited range of movement in your neck and spine, which can affect your posture and mobility. 

4.Prevent long-term conditions 

Taking care of your body soon after injury means you’re taking action to prevent long-term or chronic conditions from developing. If the injuries are minor, using chiropractic care after an accident can help your body heal and work to protect the body from chronic pain in the years to come. Cleveland Clinic says that the goal of chiropractic care is to restore your health over the long term. Rather than focusing on the short term after an accident, focus on what you want your health to look like in the months and years ahead.

5.Decrease needs for medicine

According to the American Chiropractic Association, patients who saw a chiropractor for back pain had 90% decreased odds of both early and long-term opioid use. Patients can find relief from their painful injuries with chiropractic care and can quit, or even never start, using addictive painkillers.  

Other Benefits of Quick Action

If the paramedics on the scene send you home without recommending you seek medical attention right away, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re off the hook. If the initial exam doesn’t show concussion or internal injuries, you should still come in to have a full assessment done within 48 hours after the accident. Our diagnostics can help rule out serious issues that can lead to permanent damage and pain. Did you know that not all injuries show symptoms right away? That’s why it’s better to take preventative action and get a thorough examination after an accident. 

Make an Appointment 

If you’ve had a car accident, come see us to keep your posture on track and your spine healthy. Here at Mile High Spine & Pain Center, we want you to get better faster. Offering many effective treatments, we can work to get you back to optimal health. If you’re in the Broomfield and Westminster area, call us today to schedule your free consultation: (720)-507-0080.


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