Vibration Therapy for Fitness and Healing

13 Nov Vibration Therapy for Fitness and Healing


A close-up view of a person's feet on a vibration platform.

Do you tend to exercise less in the winter? This is common among many people as wintertime drives more people inside instead of to the gym. This could also be why people tend to put on extra weight during the colder months. For athletes, training occurs year-round. For others, they may want to simply avoid muscle atrophy that can happen after only two weeks of not exercising. You can keep your body toned and induce quicker healing from injuries by using vibration therapy.


Winter Weight Gain?

Do you feel like you gain a little bit of weight in the winter? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people gain weight over the holidays, and many blame their weight on holiday parties and events that happen more frequently than other periods of the year. In fact, it’s those get-togethers that make up part of that holiday weight gain. Where there is food, there will be eating.


However, you may notice that your cravings for food do increase somewhat during the fall and winter, which are notoriously more cold than other months. The sun’s shadow is on your part of the world when you are experiencing winter climates or if you live near the north or south pole. In the past, animals and people alike stored more weight to get through the winter months. You may do the same on a subconscious level. If you find yourself eating more greasy, fatty or sugary foods in the winter, it may be due to heightened cravings driven by a desire to store some extra weight.


Cravings drive your need to eat outside of the times you physically feel hunger. It is the reason many people fail at diets and why reaching for a greasy or sugary treat is so easy. In the brain, there is actually a hormonal response to foods that have brought you pleasure when eating them in the past. The thought of that food or the sight of it may trigger a craving stronger than the actual action of eating the food. Those cravings can increase in the cold winter months, heightening your desire to eat and pack on the pounds more than the hotter months. Many people gain an average of 5 pounds. However, you can avoid that weight gain and stay healthy with some motivation.


A view of a person that is sick. There are used tissues and medicine bottles at their feet.


Illness Heightens in Winter

Another phenomenon that happens during the cold winter months is an increase in illness. Fall and winter are generally the “cold and flu season”. Studies show that statistically, people actually do get sick more often in the cold winter months. Statistically, people get colds and flus more commonly between October and March even though these viruses are active all year long.


The cold tends to drive people inside, packing more people into enclosed areas. The tricky part will illnesses is that many are transferred to others because of water droplets in the air. Coughing, breathing, sneezing and even talking can send those droplets into the air. Inhaling them can make another person sick and the illnesses start spreading. A common cold will last a person between 7 and 10 days and some can be in your system for up to 14 days before symptoms begin to show.


You always want to be careful of illnesses, as they can actually be deadly. Each year brings between 12,000 and 56,000 deaths from the flu. Common low-grade symptoms may happen with your body all year long, such as a minor headache or some fatigue. A fever, chills, body aches, chronic headaches and chronic fatigue, however, are all symptoms that a doctor may need to see you for. Consistent exercise, a healthy diet and a few tips can help you avoid illness and weight gain that happens in the fall and winter months.


An elderly woman, young adult woman and young adult male all on vibration machines.

Vibration Therapy Can Help

Fewer people get out in the winter months to exercise. This is common for many, as icy grounds can make biking, running and other forms of exercise difficult. The American Heart Association recommends that patients should get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week to stay healthy. If that is difficult for you in the winter, see what vibration therapy can do to keep your muscles active and toned. Vibration therapy is a resource that was developed for astronauts who struggled with muscle atrophy in space. Due to a lack of gravity, muscles would wear away fast without some way to keep them toned and active.


Scientists and medical professionals developed vibration machines, which are now used in our facility today. This machine consists of a vibrating platform patients stand on. Vibration therapy will send countless vibrations through the body. The result is that your muscles will contract and relax dozens of times per second, causing them to stay toned and active. Vibration therapy induces that contraction and relaxation so quickly that the machine only needs to be used about 7 minutes for a session.


Athletes use vibration therapy to heal quicker when injuries happen or if they want to keep their body in shape between training seasons or in the cold winter months. Patients can use vibration therapy to keep their body in shape and to avoid the holiday bulge. That activity can help prevent weight gain in the winter as well as inactivity that can increase the risk for winter illnesses.

Better Winter Health

Do you want better winter health? Don’t try to figure it out on your own! We see patients all year long for injuries, chronic conditions, food allergies, food and exercise counseling and more. Winter may drive you inside to get out of the cold. Let it drive you to professionals that can help keep your weight down, your body healthy and your muscles and back strong! Call Mile High Spine & Pain Center at (720) 507-0080 to learn about our therapies and to get tips for better health and activity all season long!

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