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04 Feb What To Eat To Reduce Inflammation

As we get older, our bodies can hurt more. What once were easy everyday tasks can become painful. If you are noticing more muscle and joint pain, you could be suffering from inflammation. What is Inflammation?  Inflammation is the process where your body’s white blood cells and...

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14 Aug Getting Proper Sleep for Health and Rehabilitation

At a time when people are getting less and less sleep at night, it has become increasingly apparent just how important restful sleep is for health and rehabilitation. People with physical injuries and disabilities are especially susceptible to sleep disturbances. Those who aren’t getting proper...

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20 Nov Tips for a Healthier Back

Experts estimate that at least 80% of people will experience back pain problems at some point in their life. If this issue comes on suddenly, it could indicate an injury or even simple issues like improper posture. Use these tips to reduce problems with back...

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13 Nov Vibration Therapy for Fitness and Healing

  Do you tend to exercise less in the winter? This is common among many people as wintertime drives more people inside instead of to the gym. This could also be why people tend to put on extra weight during the colder months. For athletes, training...

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06 Nov Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes 101

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Do you know much about diabetes or if you are at risk to get it? More than 100 million American adults either have diabetes or are at risk to get it. Prediabetes is tricky, as it often shows no symptoms...

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28 Aug Avoid Workplace Injuries

Most people have to work in order to survive and thrive. However, depending on your line of work, you may be at risk for workplace injuries, even if you’re not doing very much. Simply typing or turning a certain way repetitively can leave you with...

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