What To Eat To Reduce Inflammation

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04 Feb What To Eat To Reduce Inflammation

As we get older, our bodies can hurt more. What once were easy everyday tasks can become painful. If you are noticing more muscle and joint pain, you could be suffering from inflammation.

What is Inflammation? 

Inflammation is the process where your body’s white blood cells and substances they produce protect us from infection with foreign organisms, such as bacteria and viruses, according to WedMD. This doesn’t sound like a bad thing, does it? 

When Does Inflammation Cause Problems

Sometimes, with conditions like arthritis, your body’s immune system triggers an inflammatory response when there is nothing around that they need to fight off. This causes your body to damage its own tissues and then respond as if normal tissues are infected, which is why inflammation can cause you pain. 

Diseases Associated with Inflammation

Arthritis is where you have inflammation in your joins. There are multiple types of arthritis, including:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis – This is when your joint linings are attacked by your immune system. This arthritis mainly affects wrists, hands, and knees. The identifying factor here is that it affects both sides of your body. 
  • Psoriatic arthritis – Psoriatic arthritis causes pain and stiffness in the joints. Additionally, it also results in psoriasis, which affects the skin. 
  • Gouty arthritis – Gouty arthritis causes inflammation, usually only in one joint, and the pain is brought on randomly. 

What Can You Do For Inflammation Pain?

The foods we eat play a huge role in our overall health. Chronic inflammation plagues a lot of people, causing painful conditions like arthritis. 

Foods That Cause Inflammation 

  • White bread, pastries, and other refined carbs
  • Fried foods like French fries 
  • Sugary drinks like soda
  • Red and processed meat 
  • Margarine and shortening 

Thankfully, there are foods you can incorporate to help bring inflammation down, including incorporating more anti-inflammatory foods. According to Medical News Today, these foods include:

  • Foods heavy in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon 
  • Whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal, and whole-wheat bread
  • Lean proteins like greek yogurt and nut butters, beans, and lean meats 
  • Healthy fats like avocados and dark chocolate

If you find you need further help to reduce chronic and life-altering pain, you should consider anti-inflammatory/joint injections from Mile High Spine. 

What Are Anti-Inflammatory Joint Injections?

Anesthetic shots relieve nerves that keep sending out signals of pain or joints that suffer from aging or arthritis. These shots relieve inflammation by reducing swelling and heat in addition to the pain. Benefits of the injections include: 

  • Localized pain relief – pain in just one wrist can be solved without affecting the rest of your body
  • Rapid pain relief – you could have relief before you drive out of the parking lot 
  • Long lasting results – one injection can last weeks, meaning you don’t have to come in every few days to continue to have relief from your pain 
  • Restored range of motion – relieving inflamed muscles and nerves could help you move more feely
  • Quick – there is no downtime or hours in our office. You’ll be in and out before you know it! 
  • Stall arthritic progression – adding a substance to a knee joint can help decrease further deterioration caused by arthritis. 

Problems that can be treated with these injections include: 

  • Back, neck, and other forms of chronic pain
  • Migraines and frequent headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Pinched nerves
  • Knee pain from injury or aging
  • Shoulder inflammation and limited range of use in elbows or wrists

Can Anti-Inflammatory Injections Resolve Pain Permanently?

While these injections are great temporary treatments for pain, they don’t help resolve the original cause that brought on the pain. At Mile High Spine & Pain Center, we use these to help give you quick relief so you can get on with your life. 

However, to get the most benefit from our treatments, it’s important that you continue to follow up with additional treatments or others that can help keep your pain at bay. With the right treatments, you can live pain free even when the injections begin to wear off.

Inflammation can cause debilitating pain. If you don’t find relief by switching up your diet, then Mile High Spine can help you explore your options. You’re not alone — and we’re here to get you back to being pain free. Let’s find you relief from inflammation!

Getting Pain Relief with Mile High Spine

If you are suffering from inflammation and joint pain, we are ready to help! We provide specialized treatment plans for patients and can help you understand what’s causing your symptoms and your options for pain relief. Call us today to schedule a free consultation – (720)-507-0080.

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