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05 Jul What Does Your Neck Pain Mean?

Did you know that the muscles and nerves in the neck and shoulders can extend all the way down to your fingertips? This is part of the reason why your neck pain can also come with symptoms in other parts of the body. Damage to...

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21 Mar Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy?

Did you know that your body has amazing capabilities to heal itself? Every single time you get an injury—even a small cut—your body goes to work to immediately repair itself. It does this through stem cells in your body. When you are born, you have...

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28 Feb Helping Your Metatarsalgia

Inside the ball and front of the foot are five long bones that are called the metatarsals. These bones lie right below the muscles that absorb tons of pressure every time your foot strikes the pavement. When irritated, runners get pain and inflammation in the...

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06 Jan 6 Migraine Triggers to Avoid

Once migraine pain starts to ramp up, it’s hard to slow it down. Millions of people suffer from migraine and headache pain each week. Some people think these migraines are simply a way of life, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Certain habits...

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05 Dec Treating Lower Back Pain

According to WebMD, about 25% of Americans are affected by lower back pain in a given year. More time is spent treating it than any other medical condition except high blood pressure and diabetes. In fact, statistics report that 31 million Americans suffer from lower...

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