Your First Chiropractic Adjustment

08 Jun Your First Chiropractic Adjustment

Patient with back and shoulder pain having a chiropractic examination

When you first come to a chiropractic center, the chiropractor won’t immediately start adjusting your back. Your first chiropractic adjust will mostly include a full medical report, assessing patient symptoms and a plan of action for healing. Diagnostic studies are done as well as a chiropractic exam. These are all different than the actual first chiropractic adjustment, which will happen once your individual treatment plan is made. Learn what the steps leading up to a chiropractic adjustment are and what your actual adjustment will be like!


Chiropractor 101

A chiropractor is not a medical doctor, but they are similar to medical professionals. In fact, when not referred to as “chiropractors”, these professionals are known as “Doctors of Chiropractic (DC’s) or chiropractic physicians. They have completed a 4-year doctoral graduate school program that is nationally-accredited. All chiropractic training schools and centers run under the U.S. Department of Education. These professionals are trained in disorders of the musculoskeletal systems, including the nervous system. Professionals graduating in chiropractic medicine must complete continuing education (CE) credits every year, must be board-certified by the state and have to keep up on their training in order to practice.


In an actual office, a chiropractor treats patients with various problems with the back, neck and spine. Chiropractic centers can also offer other rehabilitative therapies outside of a chiropractic adjustment , even as far as diet and lifestyle counseling. A chiropractor’s main specialty is to treat musculoskeletal disorders through a chiropractic adjustment and services such as spinal decompression.


Chiropractor examining a patient's back

What Is A Chiropractic Adjustment?

Chiropractic care focuses around the concept that a healthy spine follows a normal alignment. When all the vertebrae, nerves, muscles and more are in the correct place in the body, it is able to run smoothly. When there is a kink in that design, a person can experience chronic pain, neuropathy symptoms and more that can completely debilitate them. A chiropractic adjustment is a natural, drugless, non-surgical health treatment that uses a series of movements with focused pressure to put the joints and vertebrae back into place.


Your First Chiropractic Adjustment

At your first appointment, we will plan out your chiropractic plan to relieve your back pain and accompanying symptoms. We will take a full medical history and examine your current symptoms and goals for chiropractic rehabilitation. The first meeting will be more of a discussion instead of a full chiropractic adjustment. If you completed this meeting over the phone, then we will go right into the chiropractic exam.


Our exam will test your back and limbs for range-of-motion, muscle tone, muscle strength and will see if there are any neuropathy or neurological problems present. To detect structural problems, we may also use x-ray imaging, lab tests, and MRI scans in more extreme cases. Once your course of action is determine, we will make an appointment for your first adjustment. This is where the chiropractor will place you in a series of positions, where he will then use gentle force to push an area of your back, spine or neck back into alignment. This is where the “pops” and “cracks” come from that are associated with adjustments. The American Chiropractic Association states that a chiropractic adjustment “rarely causes discomfort”. Gentle popping and moving is what you can expect from your appointment.


What to Expect Afterwards

Receiving your first chiropractic adjustment will be a new experience for your body. Just like starting a new exercise regimen, your body will need to adjust. You should not be in pain after your chiropractic adjustment. Your muscles and areas treated, however, might have some soreness and aching following your treatment. This will usually go away within 12-48 hours. If you receive chiropractic adjustments often, your body will get used to being put back in alignment, and that soreness will start to diminish every time you go.


Drink plenty of fluids after your adjustment to keep your circulation moving and to remove toxins from the body that have now been released from the adjustment. If needed, you can use an over-the-counter painkiller for mild aches. However, this is generally not needed in many patients. If the problems causing you severe aches, pains, neuropathy symptoms and more were caused by a compressed nerve or similar problem, you can expect to start the healing process as soon as your adjustment is over. Most patients start to feel relief during the appointment or after it that same day.


Patient meeting with a chiropractic doctor about their first chiropractic adjustment

Natural Treatment Therapies for Healing

Did you know that a chiropractic adjustment is safe all ages and almost all conditions? That means that even a small infant can receive chiropractic care as well as a pregnant woman. In many cases, an expecting woman can actually find significant relief from back pain caused by a growing fetus and a changing spine and hip alignment. A chiropractic adjustment can be customized for patients depending on their individual need and health situation. It is a natural treatment therapy that helps boost the body’s ability to heal. That is why it is a safe option for infants, pregnant women and the elderly.


In all your rehabilitation, try to seek out the most natural forms of healing that work for your body and that are effective. You never want to follow treatment options that cause your body additional harm when you are trying to heal. Surgery should always be a last resort and used when it is the appropriate means of fixing a health problem. If not, you will be adding cut tissue, severed nerves and more to your list of health problems. Chiropractic care is a natural therapy designed to help patients instead of hurting them further.


Chiropractic centers (like ours) often provide many other types of therapies that are natural and work for helping the body heal. Therapies include ones such as physical therapy, massage and trigger-point therapy, anti-inflammatory injections and more. If you want to know more about your first chiropractic adjustment or other therapies, call Mile High Spine & Pain Center today at (303) 252-4065!


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