What to Expect from Physical Therapy

11 Sep What to Expect from Physical Therapy

A senior citizen woman that is doing physical therapy workouts with a trainer.

Nobody likes to be injured, but what they like even less is a long recovery period. It would be wonderful if the injury could magically heal itself. While it’s not magic exactly, physical therapy is a great method to accelerate your healing time so you can get back to the things you love to do. The practice of physical medicine aims to correct and repair injuries to the muscular system of the body. It works in conjunction with chiropractic rehabilitation in many cases. Find out how these types of therapies can help you heal quicker and better!


What Is Physical Therapy?

If you have ever found yourself injured or recovering from surgery, you might wish that there was a faster way to heal so you can be back to normal. In many cases, there is no quick fix for surgery or more serious injuries. However, there are methods to accelerate your healing process, one of which is through physical therapy services. Physical therapy is a treatment to help physically heal your body in ways that don’t involve narcotic pain medications or more invasive procedures.


Just like therapy can help your mind and soul, physical therapy seeks to heal from within as well. After surgery, your medical doctor may refer you to a physical or chiropractic therapist depending on the healing you need. That professional will then assess your injury, and provide you exercises, stretching, pain-management methods and treatments that can boost your body’s innate capability to heal itself.


The goal of this therapy is to help your body boost its healing so you heal quicker and can get back to your normal life. For example, chiropractic or physical therapy services may provide you with specific exercises that build up a muscle group in the body that has been injured. They may do this in conjunction with natural injections that help reduce inflammation in your joints that would hinder your healing. The type of physical therapy will depend on a patient’s medical history and current conditions as well as the part of the body that needs healing.


A young adult woman getting a chiropractic adjustment to her back by a chiropractor.

Is It Different than Chiropractic Therapy?

Chiropractic therapy is similar to physical therapy, except that it focuses solely on the back, spine and neck of the body. It’s the main therapy services patients use to get their body back to proper alignment. Physical therapy can be any natural service a trained professional administers to you to help you heal, but chiropractic therapy is very localized to specific regions and methods.


With chiropractic therapy, we focus on the musculoskeletal system of the body, especially the muscles, tissues, joints, bones and ligaments in your back and neck. Chiropractors provide natural, drugless, non-surgical treatments through spinal manipulation and decompression. This is when a chiropractic professional assesses your back and spine for misalignments, and using gentle movements with focused pressure, your joints will be put back into place.


When joints, bones, tissues and nerves are in the correct places in the body, there is less pressure and stress on the body that wears away tissues. In your treatment protocol, we incorporate the use of physiologic therapies such as ultrasound, electrical nerve stimulation and traction. We may also couple this will changes to your exercise, nutrition or your posture.


A male patient doing a physical therapy treatment with a chiropractic physical therapist.

What Can You Expect?

After an injury has happened, you should be evaluated by a medical professional. Afterwards, you will likely be referred to a physical or chiropractic therapist. At your first appointment, we will assess your medical history, your current health conditions, your posture, and your injury. We will test your movement and flexibility and will see how well your muscles and joints move and perform.


Based on the severity of your injury, we will start you off with simple exercises, stretches and treatments that can combat inflammation while strengthening weakened muscles. Even if you have a torn muscle or muscle tissue has been cut in surgery, you will heal quicker by working those muscles. You just want to work them properly with the right physical therapy treatments. We will evaluate your muscle and joint performance and will match your goals with therapies that can heal you as quickly as possible, while keeping you comfortable.


We will often get you started on stretches, exercises and a therapy or two right in your first appointment. Some stretches, exercises and treatments may push you at first and may even make you worry that you are making your injury worse. However, chiropractic and physical therapy methods have been helping patients to heal for years. The gentle healing methods build your body back up over time with little stress on your body, which is how you can heal faster with an injury.


How Do You Benefit?

The American Physical Therapy Association reports that physical therapists are trained and licensed professionals that provide services that “reduce pain and improve or restore mobility” to patients. That means we will incorporate stretches and exercises that will build up your body’s tissues in areas that were damaged. We can do this through vibration therapy or electrostimulation, which both speed up your circulation and the amount of nutrients injured tissues get. Massage therapy and trigger-point therapy can rid you of areas of inflammation and built-up tension, which lead to continual injuries.


Those who seek chiropractic and physical therapy services often heal quicker and better than those who seek healing on their own. Instead of trying to figure out how to heal from an injury alone, we provide diagnosis for your injury as well as a plan of care with goal dates to heal your body. We set short and long-term goals for how strong your muscles and tissues should be by specific target dates. Muscles and tissues can build themselves quicker with the right treatments in the injured areas of the body. Instead of guessing at ways to heal your body quicker, try doing it with proven chiropractic and physical therapy methods by calling Mile High Spine & Pain Center at (720) 507-0080!


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