Natural Ways to Improve Muscle Health

23 Oct Natural Ways to Improve Muscle Health


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Do you find that your muscle health or strength is lacking? There are many patients that want to become stronger or healthier in general. The more active you are, the healthier your muscles can be. Working them often will allow them to grow and will allow your circulatory system to send nutrients to where they are needed the most. However, if chronic conditions or ailments keep you from being able to work out your muscles, you have options. Vibration therapy is an amazing service that can work your muscles in just a few minutes. Patients with ailments and chronic conditions can do them safely and see results. Learn more about vibration therapy and other methods you can use to improve your muscle health naturally!


The Many Muscles of the Body

Some studies report that you have between 650-840 muscles in the body. Those muscles attach to your skeletal system and allow you to move every part of your body. Even the organs that are working each day are made up of muscle tissue. With muscles being such a large part of the body, it’s very important to take care of them and ensure your muscles are healthy. Because muscles run from your head to your toes, there are many problems that could occur with your muscular system.


One of these problems is trigger points. Another is muscle spasms and pain. Still, others will stretch a muscle too far until it strains or even tears. Muscle injuries occur all the time in sports, car accidents, and even from bending over wrong. The key to avoiding many problems is to stay active and improve muscle health daily. This can be done through proper diet, plenty of physical activity, and rehabilitative therapies.


Diet and Exercise

You can improve muscle health through proper diet and exercise. Our bodies run on fuel, and the type of fuel we give it is very important. If our body needs energy, and we only give it water, it won’t run very well. Water is important to improve muscle strength and health, but you need other vitamins and minerals as well. Carbohydrates are very important to have to improve muscle strength and growth. You especially need carbs to have energy throughout the day.


Your muscles also need plenty of protein—approximately between 25%-35% of your calories throughout the day need to be from protein sources for muscle growth. You also can’t do a diet that cuts out all fat. Fat is a source of energy for the body that is burned in exercise, so you also need fat as well. If you are eating a balanced diet made up of fats, protein, carbs, water, vitamins, and minerals, then your muscles will have what they need to grow properly.


Trigger Points and Muscle Spasms

Some of the most common ailments we see in patients are trigger points and muscle spasms. These are quite common in many people. You may actually have a trigger point and not know it or suffer from muscle spasms from time to time. When you move, muscles tense and relax to help you perform actions such as reaching for your alarm clock or dunking a basketball. Sometimes, a muscle can tense up without relaxing, resulting in a muscle cramp or spasm. A popular name for one of these is a “Charlie Horse.”


Many patients also feel knots of tension in their bodies, especially along the back and neck. These are knots (or nodes) of tension that come from stress, injuries, posture, repetitive motions, and more. They are very common in patients and are easily correctable through trigger point therapy, neuropathy treatment, and other rehabilitative therapies.


Rehabilitative Measures to Improve Muscle Health

We mentioned that you need exercise to improve muscle health. Diet alone won’t make your muscles strong and won’t heal them from injuries, surgery, or trauma. You also need to get some exercise in your day. For those who are healing from injuries, physical therapy is a great way to improve muscle strength and growth. Physical therapy can use static and dynamic exercises to restore tone and circulation to muscles that have atrophied or become weak.


Static exercises are those that any patient can do, no matter the age or ailment. These exercises focus on tensing one muscle group of the body to the point where it receives a workout. An example would be a wall sit for one minute. You are not moving, but your body is receiving a workout. With any physical activity, your muscles move and your circulation speeds up. That circulation brings oxygen-rich blood to your muscles that also carry nutrients. You need those nutrients to stay healthy. That’s why exercise is so important for your muscles! You need it whether it’s through regular exercise or physical therapy services.


Improve Muscle Health Today

It’s easy to be active in some way throughout the day, whether it’s just walking around the house or participating in strenuous exercises. For patients, physical therapy is where they receive their exercising. Even for those who are physically handicapped, there are rehabilitative measures such as vibration therapy that can prevent muscle atrophy and improve muscle health. Our point is that any person can have strong, healthy muscles. It takes work, but it’s worth it to have a healthy body. If you would like to know more about our services and how you can improve muscle health, call Mile High Spine & Pain Center today at (720) 507-0080!


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