Having a Strong and Healthy Pregnancy

04 Sep Having a Strong and Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant woman that is doing a yoga workout to help her have a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for many women, but it can also be a time of discomfort and especially back pain. As your body changes and takes on more weight from a growing baby, discomfort can happen in your lower back. Your body might even go a bit out of alignment as joints loosen up. However, we can help you with chiropractic adjustments, eating plans, exercises and stretches that can help you stay healthy and comfortable during pregnancy!


Changes with Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for expectant mothers, but it can also be a time of countless changes. There are countless body changes throughout the 9 months, and those changes can start right away with morning sickness, food aversions and weight gain. However, the struggle is all worth it to get a baby in the end. Just because there are changes which can be uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean you have to stay uncomfortable during your pregnancy.


The healthier you are with your diet choices and exercising can say a lot about how you feel when you’re pregnant. This isn’t a time to start any crash diets or fitness routines, but a time to be conscious about your health. Studies show that mothers can have a better labor and delivery if they stay active during pregnancy. Babies can grow better and healthier if a mother is eating nutritiously. Let us help you with nutrition, exercise, back pain problems and having a healthy pregnancy!


Pregnant woman that is preparing food with healthy fruits and veggies.

Nutrition Is Key

To have a healthy pregnancy, you must eat well not only for a baby, but for yourself. That’s because you want a healthy baby, but all of your nutrients will also be going to the baby. You want to make sure you have proper nutrition so that both of you get the nutrients you need for a strong body. You can do that through making sure you avoid foods that make you ill on a regular basis or that you are allergic to. If you don’t know what those foods are, you can get food intolerance testing.


You also want to follow some tips for eating right to have a healthy pregnancy:

  • You need about 100 extra calories during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • During the second and third trimesters, you need 300-500 extra calories from nutrient-rich foods.
  • Consume high-quality protein foods such as greek yogurt and other dairy products, as long as you are not lactose intolerant.
  • Lean meats and certain fish products such as salmon are rich in proteins and omega-3s.
  • Choose foods full of vitamins and minerals such as dark, leafy vegetables, legumes, fruits and sweet potatoes.
  • Whole grain foods are much healthier for you than sugary, starchy foods.


Exercise Is Still Important

If you exercised before pregnancy, you should still continue to exercise. Moderate physical activity can work wonders to creating a healthy pregnancy. Your muscles can stay strong as they loosen up and you can keep your circulation healthy throughout pregnancy. This is not a time for new (and especially intense) workouts or a time for weight loss. The goal is to do exercises that will keep your cardio and breathing good, while keeping your muscles strong.


Yoga and stretching are great meditative exercises that can keep you strong and limber throughout pregnancy so you have an easier labor. We can help you with customized stretches and exercises to keep your back strong and to help with swelling, as both of these are common nuisances during pregnancy.


Pregnant woman that is having back pain.

Back Pain Is Common

American Pregnancy reports that between 50% and 70% of pregnant women experience back during their pregnancies. This pain generally gets worse over time, as a baby grows and more pressure is placed on the lower back and hips. These areas in the back are the ones that experience the most pain. A healthy pregnancy will bring you loosening joints and muscles so that your body can grow and make room for another.


That can push the vertebrae in your back out of alignment as well as other joints throughout your back and hips. It’s that change in alignment coupled with extra weight and pressure that can bring back pain that’s hard to relieve. Chiropractic care can help you deal with this pain naturally so that you can continue to exercise and get through your day pain-free. Women who receive chiropractic care can have an easier time with pregnancy and studies show they can even have better labors and delivery. Chiropractic adjustments are safe for pregnant women as well as gentle for both the baby and mother. You simply come in for your appointment when you start to feel back pain start up, and we can gently realign your joints.


Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Some women have wonderful pregnancies that are a breeze. However, that is generally a rarity and not the rule. The best way you can have a healthy pregnancy is through the same methods you stay healthy on a regular basis: diet, exercise and natural treatments for health problems. If you know you get back pain frequently, and it’s worse with pregnancy, make sure you get chiropractic adjustments often. When swelling is a problem, invest in massage therapy and keeping your feet up and your salt intake lower.


For chronic back pain and aches all over, always choose safe, over-the-counter painkillers as recommended by your doctor. Avoid alcohol and tobacco use, as this causes many problems during pregnancy and when you’re not pregnant as well. Resting is also an important component as the months go on during pregnancy. Get rest as needed and make sure you’re not overworking your body. This can make back pain and aches more prominent. With the many changes that come with a healthy pregnancy, you can combat all the uncomfortable ones with the right therapy and at-home measures. When you get back pain or want to have a healthy pregnancy with help, call Mile High Spine & Pain Center at (720) 507-0080!

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