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26 Jul Your Body Weight and Your Health

Having too little or too much body weight can negatively affect your health in many ways, leaving you at risk for chronic conditions and even premature death. Too little or too much weight puts your body into overdrive, working it harder than it should. Do...

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23 Oct Natural Ways to Improve Muscle Health

  Do you find that your muscle health or strength is lacking? There are many patients that want to become stronger or healthier in general. The more active you are, the healthier your muscles can be. Working them often will allow them to grow and will...

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17 Oct How Active Should You Be to Stay Healthy?

Many patients know that exercise is something healthy that many people participate in to stay in shape. However, exercise isn’t just for losing weight. Studies show that exercise is important for total body wellness and can even help you live longer. Other studies have found...

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