Boosting Immunity During Cold and Flu Season

Boosting Immunity During Cold and Flu Season

18 Feb Boosting Immunity During Cold and Flu Season

During the thick of cold and flu season, people talk about the many ways for boosting immunity that can help defend yourself against the body aches and stuffy noses. There are many tips and tricks out there, but Harvard Health suggests the following tips:

  • Washing hands thoroughly (and often!) 
  • Eating a diet high in fruits and veggies
  • Exercising regularly
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Only drinking alcohol in moderation
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Minimizing stress

However, did you know that chiropractic care could also boost your immune system? A study by Chiropractic and Manual Therapies found that an adjustment seems to have positive effects on the immune system – which means it works to keep you happy and healthy! 

What is a Chiropractic Care? 

Chiropractic care provides patients with a natural and drugless option to help them rely on their body’s ability to restore health and strength. Chiropractor care can help patients who suffer from muscular, nervous, and skeletal problems. When you come in for chiropractic care, we will use physiological therapies like ultrasound and electrical nerve stimulation. When you partner chiropractic care with exercise and better nutritional habits, you might be able to see even better results. 

Chiropractic care involves conducting a postural and spinal analysis along with x-rays and other diagnostic tools to look at the spine’s function. The spine and its accompanying nerves are part of an intricate system that takes years to fully comprehend. Here at Mile High Spine & Pain Center, we are experts at noticing spinal problems and treating them with treatments that don’t include narcotics or surgery, which is where chiropractic adjustments come to play. 

Chiropractic Adjustments

A healthy spine equals a healthy life. When are sign is unaligned, the nerves become compressed. When we do a chiropractic adjustment, we restore the alignment. The restoration that takes place helps relieve pain that you were feeling when you were misaligned. A chiropractic adjustment involves the chiropractor placing a small amount of pressure to move the vertebrae. This also helps loosen the joints that have gotten too comfortable being in the wrong place. When you have an adjustment and get aligned, it becomes easier to access damaged nerves and relieve tension that add to your painful symptoms. This helps with boosting immunity because it allows your body to function optimally. 

Spinal Compression Symptoms

Spinal compression happens when you have pressure on your spinal cord. According to Hopkins Medicine, common symptoms of spinal compression include:

  • Pain and stiffness in your neck and back
  • A burning sensation that spreads from the arms down to the legs 
  • Numbness or weakness in the limbs
  • Loss of sensation in your feet
  • Trouble with coordination, typically with hands 
  • Weakness in feet that can result in limping
  • Loss of sexual ability 

Spinal Decompression

The spine has seven vertebrae that make up the neck. When you sit at a desk all day with poor posture or injure your back picking up something heavy, the vertebrae can compress and cause things like herniated discs. The pain can be pretty bad, and it doesn’t always just stick to your neck. It can linger and travel down to your back or cause numbness to your limbs. We offer a non-surgical spinal decompression by using traction and stretching to release pressure and reverse problems like herniated discs. 

Spinal decompression isn’t usually painful, though patients can experience some discomfort when stretching. Many times, patients feel better as soon as they leave our office, though it could take a few appointments for some patients to feel relief through spinal decompression. 

Are Adjustments Safe? 

When people hear pops and cracks in the spine it can be a little alarming. However, there’s nothing to be concerned about. Anytime you stretch your spine it pops, even though you might not always feel or hear it. These creaks don’t cause damage to your spine, they’re perfectly normal. When you seek chiropractic care from a licensed professional, there is close to no risk. Adjustments pose far less risk than any other typical procedures. To put that into perspective, you’re more likely to do damage to your body by taking an over-the-counter medication for a headache.  

Treatments Other Than Chiropractic Adjustments

While adjustments help, sometimes you have to make more lifestyle changes to further prevent injury from coming back. Patients can do this by getting regular exercise and eating right which helps support your back and maintain a healthy weight, and by keeping good posture during the day and while you sleep. If you’re already experiencing mild pain, treating it at home with ice or heat could help provide some relief. 

How Does Chiropractic Care Help with Boosting Immunity? 

Chiropractic care can help remove anything that could be placing pain on the nervous system. When your nervous system is being affected, your body focuses on that by trying to reduce inflammation. According to All American Healthcare, when you prioritize chiropractic care, your nervous system will function better. This will then allow your body’s immune system to help fight off infections, like the cold and flu.

Free Consultation with Mile High Spin & Pain Center 

If you want help finding relief to your spinal pain while boosting immunity, we’re here for you. Our team here at Mile High Spine & Pain Center will provide you with a specialized treatment plan that will help you find relief as soon as possible. Call us today at (720)-507-0080 to schedule an appointment.

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