Is Spinal Decompression Painful?

04 Aug Is Spinal Decompression Painful?

Spinal Decompression TherapyNon-surgical spinal decompression is a type of motorized traction that works to relieve back pain. Spinal decompression uses a padded traction device to gently stretch your spine and alter its force and position. When you are in pain, even a slight stretch during treatment can be uncomfortable, but spinal decompression provides an effective alternative to surgery and other more painful forms of treatment. (Many patients even report that they prefer spinal decompression to certain types of massage therapy.) Most patients start feeling better as soon as the spinal decompression process begins, while others require a few visits to notice a difference. Our Mile High Spine & Pain Center team can help educate you on the benefits of spinal decompression and help you understand how to prepare to have the best experience possible.

How Does Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy Work

The theory behind non-surgical spinal decompression therapy is not a new one.  It has been tested and proved by both chiropractors and osteopaths for years. Our trained providers at Mile High Spine & Pain Center use this therapy to help improve the health and function of your spine and to help it fight conditions such as bulging, herniated or degenerated discs. This innovative traction therapy creates a negative pressure between your spinal discs to help it retract and reposition the bulging or herniated sections. By decreasing this abnormal spinal pressure, blood and nutrients are able to flow more freely to the other areas of the disc providing accelerated healing and decreased pain. Prior to recommending this treatment, your provider will administer a thorough evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate for this therapy.

What Does Non-surgical Spinal Decompression Consist Of?

When you visit our care center for your treatment, it is helpful to understand how the appointment will go. Plan for 30-45 minutes per treatment session–you may need 20 to 30 treatments (spread out over a seven week period) depending on the severity of your condition and your response to the treatment.  During the treatment, you will remain fully clothed and will be able to lie down.  Your treatment provider will fit you with two harnesses–one around your pelvis and one around your trunk.  Your Mile High Spine & Pain Center physician will operate a computer that customizes the treatment to your specific needs.

What Patients Say About Spinal Decompression?

The majority of our spinal decompression patients report experiencing no pain and use this time to relax and unwind–mentally as well as physically! Spinal decompression is safe and gentle traction therapy that targets problem areas of the neck or lower back to return spinal discs to their proper alignment and function. It does not take a lot of pressure to realign the disc.

A small percentage of patients will report discomfort during therapy, but we usually can trace that back to too much or too little pressure, improper position on the decompression table, the treatment session was too long for the patient or they had a traction reaction–short muscle spasms following treatment. These problems rarely occur because we emphasize open communication and dialogue throughout the treatment to monitor how you are feeling and also provide you with a safety switch that allows you to turn off the traction unit and end treatment immediately if you are experiencing any pain. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in your therapy session and do all we can to ensure you have a positive experience and outcome.

What You Can Do To  Better Your Spinal Decompression Experience?

Here are some tips for having the best experience you can with spinal decompression therapy:

  • Give us an honest and thorough medical history during your initial consultation and exam.
  • Be open and communicative during the session and flag us to any pain you feel.
  • Use the safety switch if you need it to stop treatment. Make sure each time you have the safety switch in your hand during the entire treatment.
  • Don’t tense up! Relax and enjoy this safe procedure as it helps return your spine and structures to their normal functioning and purpose.

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If you are suffering from back pain or neck pain related to spinal compression issues, the team at Mile High Spine & Pain Center  is ready to help with non-surgical spinal decompression therapy. We provide specialized treatment plans for spinal pain in the Broomfield community which can help you understand where your symptoms are coming from and what it will take to improve.  Call (720) 507-0080  today to schedule your consultation!

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