Faster Healing with Anti-Inflammatory Joint Injections

13 Apr Faster Healing with Anti-Inflammatory Joint Injections

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Get the healing speed you desire with the power of targeted, anti-inflammatory joint injections. Anti-inflammatory joint injections offer you precise treatment because they enter right at the source of your pain to stop it in its tracks. A small needle delivers the medication to your joint or nerve. This allows treatment professionals a mechanism to provide you with immediate results to your inflammation and pain from nerve, soft tissue or joint injuries.


What Is Inflammation?

If you’ve ever had an injury, then you are probably familiar with inflammation. This often happens with more serious injuries, such as muscle sprains and tears, broken bones, and other injuries. However, it also happens as a result of many chronic illnesses or conditions such as arthritis. Inflammation is closely related to swelling, and is what causes swelling in your body. Your body has an innate tendency to protect itself when injuries or illnesses strike. If you tear a muscle, your body jumps into action to protect the damaged muscle tissue. One of the only ways it can do this is through cushioning the damaged tissues through fluid.


That fluid is what inflammation is. Studies show that your body needs fluid buildup so a damaged area can heal. That fluid will have nutrients for the damaged tissues and without it, wounds would become worse and infection would spread to a deadly level. However, too much inflammation can be worse for you and can actually damage your tissues if its not controlled. When people get inflammation, they get symptoms such as swelling, pain, redness, warmth and limited range-of-motion in their joint. Inflammation should stick around only for a short time as your body tries to heal itself. However, if it stays in the area, it begins to wear down the cushion between your joints that you can’t get back. Patients will also feel increased pain and symptoms if their inflammation increases or sticks around for too long. That is why you want to control your inflammation through anti-inflammatory joint injections.


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Why Joint Injections?

You can get inflammation even with the tiniest of cuts, as your body generally has inflammation to help heal itself. However, we don’t worry too much with inflammation that happens with paper cuts and similar injuries. You want to watch out for more serious damage. Most inflammation problems occur in the joints. You have between 340 and 360 different joints in your body. These are areas that allow the body to move. Many people also tend to injure the areas of their body that move, as they become worn or receive damage easier. Injections into the actual joints are better than other places at times, because there is more space for the medicine to move around and disperse in these areas.


We use a small needle to penetrate the joint or area around a nerve so that soothing medication is delivered right where it is needed. However, you don’t have to have a joint injection straight into the joint. Soft tissue can also be treated successfully with this type of therapy.


Benefits of Anti-Inflammatory Joint Injections

Joint injections are amazing for helping people get back up and running when chronic conditions or injuries have them out of the game. The injection is very quick and only takes a few minutes of your day. Plus, you only need them every 3-4 weeks or every few months depending on the patient. These injections are also:

  • Long-lasting. Some patients may only need a few in an entire year.
  • Localized. They provide pain relief right at the site of pain.
  • Safe. There are few (if any) side effects and you won’t have to miss work like you would with surgical options.
  • Dependable. The injections provide pain relief to patients who don’t usually respond to other forms of pain relievers.
  • Great for arthritis. The anti-inflammatory nature stops arthritic progression and decreases further deterioration caused by arthritis.


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Who Benefits the Most?

Anyone who has a joint condition can significantly benefit from receiving anti-inflammatory joint injections. Most joint conditions are actually rolled up into one term: arthritis. There are over 100 different forms of arthritis depending on where the arthritis symptoms are located. For example, osteoarthritis is located around the joints of the bones, where the “osteo” part comes from. Other forms are named for their location and for what they do, but the joints are always affected with these conditions. Anyone with arthritis should get anti-inflammatory joint injections, as the inflammation is what can make their arthritis worse. This happens with both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as injuries.


With osteoarthritis, this is a wear-and-tear condition where the joints start to become worn as you age. Your joints have cartilage tissue between them so that there is cushion between the bones. Without this cushion, every movement would cause bone to grind on bone, and movements to become terribly painful. People with osteoarthritis experience this, as their cushion wears away over time, causing pain, immobility in the joint and inflammation. With rheumatoid arthritis, the body actually has an immune response to cause inflammation in the body. The immune system malfunctions and views a person’s joints as a foreign body, attacking them and causing inflammation. That inflammation destroys a person’s cartilage and the material that lines their joints. In this way, inflammation can be very damaging.


Stop Inflammation In Its Tracks

Before inflammation starts to hurt your body, stop it from progressing! Anti-inflammatory joint injections are not only soothing, but they work to take your inflammation away. Don’t let the pain of arthritis, injuries, and other chronic conditions keep you from enjoying life. Call Mile High Spine & Pain Center today at (720) 507-0080 and see how you can benefit from an anti-inflammatory joint injection!

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