Common Causes of Episodic Pain

22 Jan Common Causes of Episodic Pain

Episodic Pain

Episodic pain is a complicated condition that affects 42 million-50 million Americans, according to the American Pain Foundation. Episodic pain is still poorly understood despite decades of research and equally hard to control. The American Academy of Pain Medicine found that pharmaceutical  treatment with painkilling prescription drugs helps, on average, only about 58% of people with episodic pain. Learn about the common causes of episodic pain and how Mile High Spine & Pain Center can offer you an alternative approach to eliminating it.

Common Types of Episodic Pain

Episodic pain, sometimes referred to as breakthrough pain, is the name given to pain that comes on quickly and severely at irregular intervals.  It is often paired with a chronic pain condition but has periods of flare and non-flare.  The most common types of episodic pain are from headaches, back pain, joint pain, injuries, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, and pain related to the shoulders, neck and pelvis. Nerve and muscle pain are also considered common types of episodic pain. Within the types of episodic pain are other perimeters that deal with how the pain is brought on–through movement or non-movement.  Episodic pain often originates from a trauma or injury. Some episodic pain is also paired with a disease or condition. Regardless of the type or cause, episodic pain can be debilitating making life each day a challenge. We can help.

Natural Treatment Methods for Episodic Pain

The cause of your pain will greatly impact what we prescribe for treatment. Often, patients find the best results by using a combination of therapies.  Episodic pain that stems from a chronic condition– that can’t be resolved–involves a comprehensive pain management treatment plan. Mile High Spine & Pain Center combines multiple forms of therapy to create pain relief in the office. We support these efforts by recommending lifestyle changes, exercise and regular in-office therapies. Adjusting your diet can also yield amazing results if our tests show you have a serious allergy. Weekly or monthly treatments may relieve your pain without requiring you to deal with the side effects of medications or the risks of surgery. Here are common treatment methods we offer for episodic pain:

Spinal Manipulation: When the spine becomes misaligned, discs and the nerves around them are easily compressed. Restoring natural alignment often relieves the pain and other symptoms that resisted more conventional treatments.

Cold Laser Therapy: Cold laser, or low-level-light therapy (LLLT), is a newer therapy modality that is especially helpful for treating chronic pain because it works at the cellular level to promote real and lasting healing. Not only does LLLT improve circulation, it decreases swelling, and accelerates the healing process. The low-power densities of laser therapies are painless, safe, and without side effects.

Physical Therapy: Used to target impairments to the musculature of the body, including also hands-on treatments for nerve issues and even psychological issues.

Massage Therapy: Therapeutic massage isn’t focused only on the site of pain, but on areas that could be triggering your pain–trigger points–that are often located in areas that seem unrelated to where your pain is localized.

Nutritional Assessment and Modifications: Your body’s systems work together to heal and function and this includes your digestive system and the nutrients you intake that are spread throughout your body for building and repairing.

Neuropathy Treatment: When pressure on a major peripheral nerve blocks its signal, you can end up with a wide variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Involving a Pain Management Team

Visiting a team of specialists all dedicated to treating pain will ensure your issues are diagnosed properly in a short amount of time. There’s no need to wait for appointments with a separate neurologist or chiropractor when we have team members who provide these services within the office. One visit at our Westminster and Broomfield location could help you rule out dozens of potential causes for your pain. Once you narrow it down to a handful of options, finding the culprit becomes much easier.

Free Episodic Pain Management Consultation

If you are suffering from chronic or episodic pain, the team at Mile High Spine & Pain Center is ready to help. Mile High Spine & Pain Center provides specialized treatment plans for neuropathy to patients in the Westminster and Broomfield area. We can help you understand where your symptoms are coming from and what it will take to improve.  Call (720) 507-0080 today to schedule your free consultation!

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